When will you be having your Ottawa Skills Sessions in the Spring and Summer of 2020?

Please be advised: We are following the advice of public health authorities.The Minto SC is closed the entire month of June, 2020.  Please respect social distancing and all directives from public health authorities. We will keep you up to date, once we know more. Please stay safe everyone.

We MAY have Skills Sessions on every Sunday in July and August from 10-12 noon , if safe and if public health allows gatherings. If sessions are held, they will be held at the Minto Skating Complex next to the OAC on the Don Jackson Rink ( International Size).

When will you be having Skills Sessions in the Ottawa Valley in Arnprior in 2020?
We are still confirming our dates and times of our 2020 Arnprior Skills Sessions. We MAY be  having our individual skills sessions in the Ottawa Valley in Arnprior on every Saturday in July and August at the Nick Smith Center from 12-2 pm.  Players throughout the Ottawa valley and Quebec are more than welcome to come out and skate with us. If interested, please check out our Registration Page.

What skill level is required to participate in the Chris Finnerty Hockey School? 

The Chris Finnerty Hockey School is open to players of various skill levels. However, we require that beginners have basic skating ability which means students must be able to skate on their own, and be able to follow instructions to attend the Chris Finnerty Hockey School. Our Skills Sessions are conducted at a fast pace as we try to ensure a high intensity workout and good tempo for all our participants. They are definitely not easy, as we try to challenge players by making them feel uncomfortable on the ice. We strive to challenge all the players that come out and skate with us, regardless if they play NCAA, Jr "A", AAA,  or house league.

What is the minimum age required to participate in the Chris Finnerty Hockey School?

The minimum age required to participate is 7 years old, and players MUST be able to skate on their own. They must also be able to follow instructions in order to attend the Chris Finnerty Hockey School. Our sessions can be quite advanced, so it is imperative that students are able to skate on their own and follow instructions. We want to ensure a safe environment for all participants. Please do not hesitate to contact us, should you have any questions.

What type of drills do you do?

We are always learning, and adapting by changing our drills to challenge our students in new ways. Our philosophy is that we try to keep our students moving as much as possible. We strive to use every minute of ice time as effectively as possible. We focus on players' weaknesses, and try to challenge them by making them feel uncomfortable on the ice. We focus on INDIVIDUAL SKILLS EXCLUSIVELY AND NOT TEAM DRILLS. This may involve having students JUMP SKIPPING ROPES on the ice, or having them STICKHANDLE AROUND TIRES. We do not do team drills, as we focus on individual skill development exclusively. Please feel free to check out our Videos and our Photos, so you will have a better idea of what to expect. We try to get our players outside of their comfort zone. We also do lots of HIGH TEMPO STICKHANDLING drills where we try to improve a players stick speed, core, wrist and arm strength through various innovative drills and exercises. We do also do lots of POWER SKATING and AGILITY drills. Our sessions are conducted at a VERY HIGH INTENSITY PACE. We  literally do hundreds of drills a session.

If I buy a package of 5, 10, or 15 pre-paid sessions, can I attend sessions in Arnprior and in Ottawa?

Yes, if you purchase a package of 5, 10 or 15 pre-paid sessions, you can attend our skills sessions in both Ottawa  and Arnprior.

If I buy a package of 5, 10, or 15 pre-paid sessions, do I have a time limit for completing the Sessions?

We allow participants who have purchased a pre-paid package of either 5, 10, or 15 sessions to attend the sessions that work for them. Please note that all unused spring/summer sessions expire on AUGUST 31 in the year in which they are bought and are not carried forward into other sessions. April sessions can only be used in April.

Furthermore, the prepaid sessions are to be used for immediate family members only. As such, we allow our students to share or split passes between their immediate family members. However,  please note that they are not transferable to friends as they are to be shared between immediate family members. We understand that hockey can be a very expensive sport, so we try to give the families a break that come out and skate with us. Thank you for your understanding. Please contact us, should you have any questions.

Do I need to call/email ahead for Drop-In sessions?

No. You can attend any of our sessions in both Ottawa and in Arnprior on a drop-in basis by simply filling out a REGISTRATION FORM(for your first time only) and by paying the drop-in fee of $45. If you are unsure of what to expect for your first session, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we would happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

How do I pay?

You can pay at the arena by cash or by cheque made out to " Chris Finnerty ". If you are interested in buying pre-paid sessions, you can also please pay by E-Transfer with a signed and completed Registration Form sent to v.martens@live.com.

Can goalies participate in the Chris Finnerty Hockey School?

Unfortunately, goalies are unable to participate in the Chris Finnerty Hockey School. We are not a hockey school that is designed for goalies.

I play Ringette, can I participate?

Yes, ringette players are always welcome to participate in our skills sessions, as we focus exclusively on individual skills. Many ringette players have greatly benefited from our unique drills. However, we do not supply rings. It is best that you bring your own ring with you to be able to fully participate in the drills.

Do I need to sign the waiver and registration form to participate?

Yes, ALL parents/guardians or participants if 18 and over must sign and complete the registration form. You can either print and bring the signed and complete REGISTRATION FORMwith you, or you can sign it at the rink.

What do students need to bring?

All participants MUST wear full hockey equipment to participate in the Chris Finnerty Hockey School. Full hockey equipment includes a CSA approved hockey helmet with CSA approved face mask or visor. In addition, all participants must wear a neck guard, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, protective hockey pants, athletic support cup, shin guards, hockey socks and skates. Furthermore, please note that students must BRING their own jersey and having a water bottle is highly recommended!

How many students show up?

Given that we have drop-ins, are numbers always vary. However, regardless of how many players show up, our students are always challenged the same.

Do Chris conduct Hockey Clinics for teams?

Yes, most definitely, Chri can come out to your community and conduct an individual skill development training session for your team. It is best to contact Chris at (613)-294-7237 or at (613)-799-2788.

I have more questions?

If you have any more questions, please feel free to Contact Us.



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