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About the Chris Finnerty High Intensity Hockey School

We are dedicated to IMPROVING your INDIVIDUAL SKILLS!


The Chris Finnerty High Intensity Hockey School runs High Tempo Hockey clinics/camps in the National Capital Region. We have been running skills sessions for over 45 years throughout North America. We do several unique skills drills a session all done at a VERY HIGH TEMPO. Our Skills Sessions are for boys and girls ages 8 and up. Ringette players are also welcome. We divide our students based on age and skill level. We do more innovative and challenging drills in one session, than 99% of players are exposed to in their hockey season. We try to keep our sessions affordable, and are flexible with our pricing to ensure all interested students can participate in our skills sessions.

We are always learning, and adapting by changing our drills to challenge our students in new ways. We focus exclusively on INDIVIDUAL skill development and not team drills. We do not waste time on the ice, as we try to keep our students moving as much as possible. Regardless, if you play NCAA, AAA or house league, our unique and challenging drills can help you reach your potential. Many NHL players including Steve Yzerman, Zach Bogosian, Jason York, Randy Robitaille, Mike Eastwood, Luke Richardson, Kent Manderville, Matthew Barnaby, Todd White, Daniel Brière, Peter Chiarelli (GM of Edmonton Oilers), Gino Odjick, Jim Kyte, Bruce Cassidy     (Head Coach of the Boston Bruins) and many other TALENED boys and girls have skated with us.

We try to get our players outside of their comfort zone. We work on INDIVIDUAL SKILLS EXCLUSIVELY. We also do lots of HIGH TEMPO STICKHANDLING, POWER SKATING, AND EDGE WORK drills where we try to improve a players foot and stick speed, agility, core, wrist and arm strength through various innovative drills and exercises. If you truly want to improve, you will. You will get faster, more explosive, and better conditioned by training with us.This will increase your condifence so you can reach your full potential. You will  improve your speed and skating control, speed of maneuvring and balance by regularly attending our skills sessions.

The Chris Finnerty Hockey School is a very high intensity hockey school that is taught by former professional hockey player Chris Finnerty. We also have our experienced students help with our demonstrations.

Chris played professional Hockey in the United States and Europe for over fifteen years. He has devoted his life to helping his students succeed not only as hockey players, but as well rounded people. He has been running his hockey school and helping students develop their individual skills for over 45 years. He has ran individual skill development training sessions all over North America, and has advanced numerous players to the NHL, NCAA, AHL,OHL,CIS and various professional hockey leagues in Europe.

The Chris Finnerty Hockey School focuses exclusively on INDIVIDUAL skill development. Our hockey camps, are designed to improve balance, speed, strength, agility, coordination, explosiveness, puck-handling, endurance and skating skills. Chris uses a variety of drills and training methods that are rooted in the traditional European style of individual skill development. We try to work on skills that most players are not exposed to in team practices. Our skills sessions are inclusive and open to athletes of all skill levels. However,  they are quite advanced as we do move at a very fast pace.

We have conducted individual skills training sessions for athletes and teams for over 45 years. If you are a competitive athlete, or coach, please contact us to see how we can work together to help you or your team get faster, stronger, more explosive, and more conditioned. We have experience in addressing weaknesses and building new strengths so that we can increase hockey-specific athletic performance.

Our clinics will challenge most players in ways they have never been challenged before. We have never come across any player too advanced for our clinics. We are always learning, and we would be more than happy to have you come out and skate with us! You're more than welcome to bring your friends as well!

Please do not hesitate to
Contact Us, should you have any questions, or would like some more information. We look forward to meeting you at the rink!


  Chris Finnerty   High Intensity Hockey School 

                          High Intensity INDIVIDUAL Skill Development and Training for Boys and Girls Ages 8 and up
Stick Handling and Power Skating Specialists                                Over 45 years of experience   Come and be challenged!